Life Happens

The need to keep changing things up a bit

Today was another wellness day. I went to see the Naturopathic Dr at Swedish to go over a few things. I'm seeing so many doctors and specialists that I have to make sure I voice my opinion and ask the right questions on why. We have a habit of following what's put out there but now is the time for me to make sure I ask those very important questions: Why do I have to take this? What is this for exactly? How can this help me? 

I went to the Pin Cushion for accupunture. It was different I will say for sure. It was almost an hour and you received your treatment in a group setting. I was able to doze off for most of the time. They work on a sliding scale. I'm going to try it for 4 weeks. I'm just trying to figure out these hormonal changes, fibroids, hot sweats and of course continue to heal from from breast cancer surgery. Sleep has always been important to me and I'm just not getting much of it. I'm going to try a few new things on my plate and see how that works for me. 

Today was another great day in Seattle to get some sun. I saw lots of geese today. There was this one group in the lake with about twenty-six babies. Then there were some young girls wearing bathing suits. I don't blame them for wearing their little bikinis. When the one girl jumped in the water I was thinking she would get hypothermia. 

I'm realizing that even though I set a plan to work on my wellness it does require adjustments from time to time. Now is the time to look at everything under a microscope. 

My hair is starting to come in. My eyebrows are coming back. I think my eyelashes are coming out but not all of them. My nails still look pretty crazy but they are looking better. Today was the first day I took the anti-estrogen pill. I'm listening to harp music to get me relaxed for bedtime. I'm going to try listening to the meditation tape and making sure I turn off the computer and phone an hour before bedtime. It's nuts that I have to try to do all these things just to get relaxed before trying to go to bed. That doesn't even include the fact that the fibroids are keeping me up and then the hot sweats are crazy.

Well it's time to experiment with what words for bedtime. Wish me luck !