Life Happens

Focus on today and better habits

I have a friend of mine who is seeing a trainer. She showed me a list that only had 4 columns of foods that she was instructed to eat: Protein, Carbs, Fruits, Veggies. The list was pretty simple with about 8 items under each topic. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I wanted to say:  "But I drink 5 cups of green tea, eat steel cut oats and eat kale salads." My eating habits are pretty great I would say. Sure every now and then I get a danish or macaroon or treat myself to a pesto bacon breakfast sandwich. Most days I will fix steel cut oats and end the day with a healthy meal that I prepare. Sometimes I need a shake up and this little list provided me with just that. The snack I had today was simply a hard boiled egg, and blueberries with a bottle of water. I thought that was pretty amazing. Right now I'm still healing and the best thing I can do is avoid those foods that do cause inflammation. For lunch I had farro, quinoa and steamed broccoli. I'm working on good habits and if there is someplace that I can improve then I will give it a go. I did have a Trader Joes popsicle because I was just so warm with my hot flashes. 

I'm digging the 70 degree temperature in Seattle. I need the Vitamin D. It was perfect today. The sun and a nice little breeze over in Fremont. I walked down to this little dock across from a few houseboats. There was a lady that was folding up her inflatable paddle board with her little doggie that was wearing a hat and a life vest. I was thinking that I could live in Fremont. I went to PCC and got a few items. I could really just live in a small community with a good grocery store, farmers market, coffee stop and movie theater. That is all I need. Living by the water seems essential to me. 

I'm continuing to read my book and work on my website. Now I'm adding in changes in my diet. It takes 66 days to build a new habit and I'm working on it. I've just started thinking about what my life is going to be like after my treatment ends. Right here and right now is where I put most of my focus. I try not to get distracted with goals and my things to do list and short term and long term stuff again. I want to change things up. I don't want to get my paper out and start planning my life down to the wire. I want to be able to get organized, continue to clear clutter, be at a healthy workplace, have a nice place and continue to build on what makes me happy. I would of course love a dog, one day publish my coffee table book and of course the ultimate would be to have a tiny vacation condo rental on an island. That's my dream right there. My focus though is my wellness and doing what I need to do to heal my body. It's a positive thing that I'm thinking about later on down the road. I'm still soul searching and I still have to get my breast area and under my arm back to functioning and there is radiation next month and then a hysterectomy. So even though I actually thought about After Breast Cancer I still have a ways to go. That means that I'm being positive with all that's going on around me. It's just been within the past few days that I started thinking about after treatment. I see it as a positive step in my recovery and moving forward. I focus on right now but I can still imagine how things would be. When I get to that fork in the road then I will get a little deeper into all my possibilities but right now I will focus on today. Thanks for reading!