Life Happens

Trump is a Narcissist but I'm not here to waste much time on him

To think I went to two Trump rallies. I was wearing my Tuck Frump t-shirt today. This shirt gets a lot of wear and folks love it. Elderly women in walkers will walk past me and give me a thumbs up. It is truly is embarrassing that he was elected into office. What a disgrace. Okay I suppose I had to get that off my chest. 

I was thinking today as I was looking at the window in the bus. My family has been through hell. I don't need to mention all the events that has happened but trust me, it's hell. It has helped that I can reach out and someone is there on the other end to touch my end with support. I walked in my apartment today and found a postcard from Aloha Hawaii. 

At my next treatment I will sit down with my Oncologist to talk about my insomnia and my hot flashes. I'm going to continue to experiment on different things. I will try acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. I'm working on some many good habits. I have now two full time jobs: Wellness and Good Habits. My life has changed because of breast cancer. I have been doing so many good things since November and my diagnosis. It's a full time job I keep saying. 

I know yoga helped my sleep a little bit. I guess if anything helps and it's in a positive environment then I need to capture that and add it on my list. 

Today I ate some gelato and a little bit of popcorn. Today was my junk food day. I'm going to try a strict week of eating straight protein, good carbs, veggies and fruits. I'm having acupuncture twice a week and will add yoga in. I know the lake of sleep playing a role in my immune system and the breast cancer. There were so many factors that were present. I just need to know I have to move forward like a boat in the ocean moving forward filled with wellness. I'm the captain of the boat. My doggie that I don't have yet will be my shipmate and we are heading to an island. I don't know the island yet but that will be my vacation condo rental.  A gal can dream. 

I have to do some things before my big dream comes true. I can handle it though. I've just come alive a bit more. I'm still being positive and that's a great thing. If I can get through this moment in my life, then I can make all my dreams come true. I will say that again, if I can get through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment then I can do anything imaginable. 

thanks for listening