Life Happens

Hurricanes, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Tsunamis = Oh My!

I'm sorry Mother Nature! Did Donald try to grab you? I say this because its sort of the theme for what's going on in the world today. A lot of self centered people who don't care about anyone other then themselves. From climate change deniers to a lot of selfish people who don't want to work hard and help others along the way. So many greedy, self centered people in the world today. Is it easier to hate or easier to love? I think it's easier to love.

I called my aunt to see how she is doing in Florida. I followed that call with another call to a friend of mine that lives in Pensacola. As I was looking at the videos of the destruction in Barbuda I learned of the earthquake and tsunami in Mexico.

Are folks saying no to climate change because that means that have to change the direction in which they have been doing business? Are folks saying no to climate change because that means dollars to fix and redo what's already in place. From men hunting lions for sport, kids throwing firecrackers that turns into a wildfire to building in areas that should never hold houses; Houston we have a problem. 

All hands on deck. We all need to work together to fight racism and poverty. We close the doors once we get home and turn on our computers, smart phone and place an order on Amazon or get on netflix to check out a clip. I could say we but I will start to see what more I can do. I know I gave the pizza to the homeless people down the street last week but what else can I do that will make a lasting impact on a person life. 

So many people are caught up with their jobs, material things, fancy homes to fancy cars. Wildfires still going on but yet Nordstrom department store was packed yesterday. The music was playing and folks were shopping as if they didn't have a care in the world. 

I'm going to stop thinking "What can we do," and say "What can I do."