Life Happens

Friendship on a sunny Seattle Day

Let's just say I'm actually working on building good habits. I was hesitant to use the word habit but a friend simply added "good" to habit. Funny when one little word can make a world of difference. I've never had the need to say "good habit." I officially like saying I'm building good habits now. It's a little after 10:00pm and here I am on my laptop. Bravo I say. Now I need 63 more days to build this good habit of working on my site. 

Apparently I need to just keep drinking water and more water. I had a touch of diarrhea. I had quinoa and steamed broccoli for my dinner. I did take my herbal supplements I needed to take this evening. Was it the HMF superpower or the probiotic or simply not enough water? I have the hot flashes throughout the day. How much water do I need to drink? I'm thinking I just need to just keep drinking water and worry about that later. So the day was almost perfect I would say. 

I wanted to talk about my coworker and friend for a moment. I work for an airline and therefore I have over 300 coworkers. I mean who can actually say that. I have received so much support from my job and the folks that I have known for almost 12 years. Today one of my coworkers came to downtown Seattle to visit me. She has been so supportive and caring. I remember being in tears when I called her to tell her that I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been a gem. Having cancer put a magnifying glass in my hand. You look around and see who truly reaches out to you on a good or on a bad day. We talked about my latest updates. She shared what she has going on. In-between that we ate and did the quickest tour of Seattle. We didn't do everything but I'm sure we can start where we left off the next time.

I'm really thankful that she came down today. I appreciate someone who can open up and share and is open to my two cents but doesn't take it too serious when I give my two cents. I'm such a curious person and when someone freely allows me to share my thoughts and concerns its special. That happened today and that's why I had a good day. I really had a good day today. Oh my goodness and then the weather was nice and sunny for Seattle. 

I hope we can hang out again. She was curious about the ferris wheel. We went to the Pike Place Market, Queen Anne, Seattle Center, Discovery Park, Magnolia, Cafe Besalu, Fremont, and then back to Seattle. We ate lunch at the Market. The piece of salmon was excellent. The fish thrower chased her with an octopus. I laughed so hard. 

Thanks for reading. It's never too late to make new friends or build a even better friendship. 

Goodnight !