Life Happens

I need not think about breast cancer 24/7!

Hi guys! That's what we say in South Jersey. I just finished taking some of my supplements. I just picked up a new prescription. I need to be on an anti-estrogen pill. I feel so overloaded with what I have to take. I have a list of herbal supplements to take and now I had this anti-estrogen pill, a baby aspirin and Black Cohosh to try for hot flashes. I'm trying to make sure I stick to this routine and then perhaps in a few months I go back and sit down with my naturopathic doctor to go over everything. I just can't slack off but I just have to take it with a grain of salt. 

What I'm doing now is working on making entries to my blog more often than once every few months. It takes 66 days and not 21 days to create a new habit. I think it was the word, habit that I didn't like. Perhaps it should be called something else a bit more pleasing to the ears. It just sounds a bit negative. I will try to think of another word. It makes sense that my brain needs to get in the habit of doing a certain task. It does make sense and that's why I'm starting here with putting entries in my blog and also with reading. These are two things that I need to work at doing every single day. 

I'm not going to sit and rationalize why I'm making new and better changes because I did get breast cancer. I have always been working on my short term and long term goals well before my dad passed. I was working on my goals prior to following Senator Barack Obama on his campaign with my camera. I  think it's a given that when we are faced with a diagnosis or something serious is thrown our way we look at where we are and what we still need to do or wanted to do. I will take the pressure off myself and just say right now I'm working on improving lots of things in my life and working on my website and reading and having more fun and of course working on my wellness is simply what I'm going to be doing. 

I went to see my physical therapist today. We are still working on my range of motion. Next week is a simulation for radiation. I still haven't turned the page really on what and how I need to prepare myself but soon I will get there. My nails still look crazy from chemo and the fuzz is still coming in on top of my head. I just have to keep moving forward and use all the resources to be the best I can be. There's a lot of stuff going in this little petite frame and I tell you I have to remain strong. I for sure will need to cancel out bad stress and replace it with fun. I can't afford not to. 

Today I mailed a book to a lady in Jersey. I follow her on twitter. Twitter has been fantastic for me getting things off my chest and connecting with other women who went through their own breast cancer battle. I've received lots of support from Twitter. Heck today Carl Lewis tweeted me back. So it's a good when an Olympian gives me a tweet. Go Willingboro, Nj. His dad Bill was my math and history teach in school growing up. 

The sun came out today in Seattle. I was able to get some vitamin D. I'm just thinking that I do need to add more fun and more things on my calendar that are not related to breast cancer or support groups. It's healthy to take a day away from breast cancer I think. 

Thanks for reading.