Life Happens

Who knew my breast cancer would be trending

As I'm sitting here on this rainy day wiping my nose and drinking bone broth, I cannot afford to be angry. The only way for me to go with all of this, is to laugh. People say they are terrified. What's done is done with this sham election I say. I'm going to sit back and watch it all unfold. Everyday there are more strings that are unraveling. This orange guy is bringing people together everyday if you think about it. That's one positive note.

President Obama's farewell speech was like ringing the dinner bell. Most sane people are thinking ways that they can participate and have their voices heard. Some are taking to Marching in Washington while others are participating in local marches in their own states. 

As I find myself sidelined with working on fixing my breast cancer I will don on my hat this weekend as long as I'm bundled up. "Who knew my breast cancer would be trending," I told my Music Therapist last week in our session. I told her that lots of people walk up to me and want to ask me about my pink hat. I actually purchased a knitted pink hat with these big ears shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage II in November. Then I realized it was a pink hat. You see, I just wanted to add some color to my wardrobe. Within the past few weeks random people are coming up to me and asking about my darn hat. They start talking about their knitting pattern to giving me a thumbs up. This goes for both males and females. I came down with a little cold this week. It's not good to get a cold when one is going through chemotherapy. I don't have a temperature and so I'm happy. I'm going to stay in and rest and drink lots of fluids and then hopefully I can head over to this march to see what's going on as I'm wearing my pink hat. I feel like I have a special invite just because of this darn pink funny hat.