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Goat Therapy Anyone?

I'm in love with baby goats. I've done goat yoga twice. I can't get enough of these baby goats. Maybe one day I will have a little farm along with a rhodesian ridgeback and mini goats. I will keep you posted on my ongoing list of what I love. Poppy was my first true love followed by Frankie with the blue eyes is a cutie pie. Check out the original goat yoga site at Lainey has an incredible story and her passion shines through everyday.











Look at those baby blues

I've been wearing my goat yoga jacket around Seattle. I'm getting stopped by a lot of people who want to know more about goat yoga. I whip out my phone and show them pictures and they are just excited. Who knew I would love baby goats. I first went to goat yoga during my chemo treatments in 2016. I was heading down to Corvallis, Oregon with my friend to do yoga for the first time with goats. I loved it and it just made me so happy. I was looking for anything to add to my wellness. I'm hopping to get back to goat yoga very soon. 

Frankie is a cutie pie 

Frankie is a cutie pie