Life Happens

I'm on the corner of Limbo Street & 50th

I finished my set breast cancer treatment at Swedish Cancer Institute in October 2017. Right now I'm working on managing my side effects. I'm still on my medical leave, which I'm grateful for. I was using the word "transition," to describe where both my mind and body are right now. It didn't really fit. I ran into another patient today at Swedish Cancer Institute and when she mentioned the word "Limbo," I said yes I'll take it. 

I continue to tell people that I'm working on my wellness. Wellness has indeed been my full-time job. It's a work in progress. I didn't know about therapy, meditation, or even Art Therapy a year ago. The books and magnets are all over the stores. "Do More of What Makes You Happy" or "Do What You Love."  Sure I had the magnet on my refrigerator and sure I read the book but I didn't get it. I got it this time around because I was shaken up and turned around. I'm going to continue on this path to wellness and continue to do more of what makes me happy. Seems like an easy concept but it's not so easy.

Do more of what I love to do and add that in my day and overall in my life!