I sold a bag & chatted with a nice lady today

I was happy to find that I sold a tote bag on the Etsy site yesterday.  That bag went to Ohio. That was a good feeling.  Today when I went to mail the bag at the Post Office I was standing in line.  I briefed chatted with a lady who admired my bag.  I gave her my email and she emailed me back asking about the photo on my home page.  In my reply I told her I was walking along Michigan Avenue and  talked with that man for a few moments. He was walking alone by himself.  It was was chilly and wet Election Night. This man, who I wrote his name down someplace had a look and a smile in his eyes that I will never forget.  That night, just like the first Election Night, was magical. 

I'm going to have to get my thoughts organized on what I want to do with all my film and photos.  I actually still have about 63 rolls of film from the first campaign.  It's nice to know she liked my photo and may want a print.